Formula One Data Analysis

Chinese Grand Prix – Friday Practice

April 18, 2014


I’m really sorry about the last couple of weeks – I did about half the analysis of the race for Malaysia, and I didn’t get the chance to do anything at all for Bahrain – but I did discover how the fuel consumption at a circuit can affect the competitiveness. In Malaysia, there was no […]

Malaysian Grand Prix – late Friday Practice

March 29, 2014


Ah well. It’s late, very late. But I got there in the end. We’ll start with the picture then move on this time. Stints are put on a race history chart, as usual. Degradation is high. Red Bull look a little better than Mercedes/Ferrari, but even so it looks like three stops might well be […]

Australian Grand Prix – Charts

March 18, 2014


One of the comments asked for the traces on a race history chart. So here it is, straight from the McLaren pit wall… Lap 51 of the coverage. Maybe I’m doing something right after all… My charts are below. I’m not going to make much commentary on these charts – but you can always ask… […]

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Australian Grand Prix – Race Notes

March 16, 2014


Now this is fun. In comparison with 2013 there is much more going on in the races. There are a lot of interesting features in the race history chart traces which we didn’t see last year, pretty much all of which is playing with engine modes. The key thing we see is that there are […]

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Australian Grand Prix – Friday Practice

March 14, 2014


And we’re back. The cars look (a bit) different and sound (a lot) different, but the Formula One circus is go. So much for all the cars breaking down, and no-one going out to practice. There’s a fair bit of data, and most of it looks to be reasonably consistent. The gap from front to […]

Brave New World

March 13, 2014


As Formula One enters a brave new world, there is great uncertainty. Will the cars sound rubbish? Will Mercedes win by a lap? Will all the Renault engined cars become mobile barbecues? Will Vettel really be in the midfield? And, importantly, will the data analysis which has served so well for the last few years […]

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USA Grand Prix: Friday Practice

November 16, 2013


Here we go again. I guess many of you will have read by now that Vettel was quick in FP2, and is clearly favourite for an eighth win in a row. And indeed, he is. The evidence is that this could be a very easy win indeed; no-one was close, and it probably doesn’t matter […]

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Friday Practice

November 2, 2013


Without looking at the data at all you would imagine that we could reasonably safely predict that Red Bull will be miles ahead, with Lotus – or perhaps Mercedes – second, followed by Ferrari. The data suggested something different in Melbourne, and it turned out not to be false hope. And in Abu Dhabi? No […]

Indian Grand Prix: Belated Friday Practice Report

October 26, 2013


Yes I know it’s late. But I’ve got there in the end. There aren’t that many surprises really. The soft tyre is not lasting long at all, and when it is more than a couple of laps old it is slow. The medium tyre is lasting for ever and the degradation is really low. I’m […]

Japanese Grand Prix: Red Bull Conspiracy?

October 16, 2013


Now I’m not one for conspiracy theories, and although Sebastian Vettel is clearly favoured at Red Bull, I don’t think they have ever intentionally hindered Webber. However, the events at Suzuka at the weekend had me wondering if they had moved Mark out of the way deliberately.  As always, I will leave it to the […]