Australian Grand Prix – Charts

Posted on March 18, 2014


One of the comments asked for the traces on a race history chart. So here it is, straight from the McLaren pit wall…


Lap 51 of the coverage. Maybe I’m doing something right after all…

My charts are below. I’m not going to make much commentary on these charts – but you can always ask… I’ve normalised out the safety car laps (9-13) – so what you see is everyone converging to Rosberg whose trace is flat. The first picture is the full race, the second is the front seven cars, and the third is the midfield (Button – Sutil).


Top seven cars. Spot the fuel saving of Ricciardo/Magnussen from lap 23 to the second stop.


Cars from 4th (on track!) to 11th. This one is normalised against Button so the gradients are different. Check out Raikkonen using extra fuel to keep Bottas behind (lap 5-7) and failing. Same for Vergne (lap 43-45).