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Australian Grand Prix – Race Notes

March 16, 2014


Now this is fun. In comparison with 2013 there is much more going on in the races. There are a lot of interesting features in the race history chart traces which we didn’t see last year, pretty much all of which is playing with engine modes. The key thing we see is that there are […]

Japanese Grand Prix: Red Bull Conspiracy?

October 16, 2013


Now I’m not one for conspiracy theories, and although Sebastian Vettel is clearly favoured at Red Bull, I don’t think they have ever intentionally hindered Webber. However, the events at Suzuka at the weekend had me wondering if they had moved Mark out of the way deliberately.  As always, I will leave it to the […]

Korean Grand Prix: Race Notes

October 10, 2013


The trouble with races like the Korean Grand Prix, apart from the lack of entertainment at the time, is that there is no real motivation to analyse them. Maybe it wasn’t the most dull race for ages, but I have to admit to doing a fair amount of (real) work during it as there wasn’t […]

Bahrain Grand Prix: Race Notes

April 26, 2013


The dust (or sand) has well and truly settled on an eventful Bahrain Grand Prix, and now that I’m back from my work trip, I have a little time to dig into the data and discover a few bits and pieces behind what we can see in the headlines. Vettel even faster than it looked […]

Chinese Grand Prix: Race Notes

April 15, 2013


Alonso out front An intriguing Chinese Grand Prix, then – with some things matching the Friday/Saturday analysis here, and some surprises. That Ferrari were able to maintain the pace on the medium tyre was a surprise – the Friday data matched the performance of Massa, but Alonso’s practice run was too short to know that […]

Malaysian Grand Prix: Race Notes

March 25, 2013


The game was up when Lewis Hamilton pulled into the pits for this third stop.  Maybe it was a tactical undercut, but the only way Mercedes were going to win was by doing three stops to Red Bull’s four – and this made it clear that they weren’t. Over the practice days, I had become […]

Australian Grand Prix: Race Notes

March 18, 2013


I must admit to a feeling of quiet satisfaction whilst watching the Australian Grand Prix. From the Friday practice data, Ferrari and Lotus looked to be at least as fast as the Red Bull over a race stint, and the Lotus looked good on its tyres.  So I was looking to see what the Ferraris […]

USA Grand Prix: Underlying Pace Analysis

November 20, 2012


So it turns out that the US Grand Prix was a good race after all. With enough of the little uncertainties Formula One is always trying to remove (traffic, tyre warming) which make for opportunities and speed differences between cars. In some ways, the lack of grip made this a little more like a wet […]

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Underlying Pace Analysis

November 8, 2012


A curious race this one. With Vettel’s charge from the back, you’d think that the fastest car in the race would be his Red Bull – or perhaps Hamilton, and that Alonso and Button would be significantly slower – and Webber nowhere. That’s not what I get from the data. Vettel wasn’t that fast. You […]

Indian Grand Prix: Underlying Pace Analysis

November 1, 2012


Apart from a rather fun first lap, the Indian Grand Prix fulfilled all the fears from the Friday Practice analysis piece. Not the most fun of races. Indeed the suggestion that the cars were pretty much in race pace order at the start was only really challenged by a certain Fernando Alonso. In terms of […]