The Idea

Formula One is a data driven sport. It is not always clear, even after a race when all the data is available, quite how the cars ended up finishing in the order they did, and it is not always easy to tell how much was gained or lost through strategy or mistakes. IntelligentF1 has at its heart insight into the F1 world through clear analysis and explanation of the performance of each car and driver through the race weekend. This way, real trends of speed in both absolute terms, and in tems of getting to the finish line first can be found. It then becomes clear why cars eliminated in Q1 have so often scored points in 2011, and whether the trend is that the chasers are catching or falling further away from Red Bull. Far deeper assessment is possible that is generally performed, and meaningful comment can be made. IntelligentF1 handles the massive amount of generated data, and makes sense of it.

Features include:

– detailed race-by-race analysis

– accurate assessment of race pace

– team mate comparisons

– race pit stop strategic options assessment

– clear commentary and graphical representations of data such that it is easy to understand

IntelligentF1 is working to develop a comprehensive tool which can assess the race in real time, and provide all the key events for all cars in a clear, understandable format such that how the finishing order came about is traced as the race unfolds regardless of what shown is on the TV screen. This includes showing when pitstops are likely, and why teams would choose this particular lap, whether to stop under a safety car, and how the tyre degradation is affecting each car, resulting in different strategies.

But IntelligentF1 is not just about data and statistics. It is a place for considered logical debate, comment and opinion, as after all, technological marvels as the cars may be, they are built, driven and serviced by human beings, and much of the story of the sport is in the human drama, and moments of true inspiration or catastrophic error. The fine margins make the great achievements all the more worth celebrating. So, enjoy what IntelligentF1 has to offer, and find out that there is so much more to discover about this sport that is Formula One. IntelligentF1 – the Voice of Reason.

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