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Brave New World

March 13, 2014


As Formula One enters a brave new world, there is great uncertainty. Will the cars sound rubbish? Will Mercedes win by a lap? Will all the Renault engined cars become mobile barbecues? Will Vettel really be in the midfield? And, importantly, will the data analysis which has served so well for the last few years […]

Belgian Grand Prix: Friday Practice

August 24, 2013


Due to the late arrival of this piece – as I write I’m hoping to have it out before qualifying – you could be forgiven for thinking that intelligentF1 was no more. But I am still here. Having returned from a great holiday, the summer break came at an ideal time as my family and […]

Have we overestimated the F1 engineers?

May 15, 2013


A caveat. I have no quotes from team personnel, or Pirelli; I have had no conversations with F1 engineers; I have no vested interests. This is just a train of thought which gives a different perspective on the tyre issues of 2013. It might be completely wrong. But on the other hand… The 2013 tyres […]

Driver Changes

November 30, 2012


The Brazillian Grand Prix is one heck of a race to try to analyse, and I haven’t done it yet as I’ve been a little busy. I figure that as the season is now over, and there is going to be little to talk about (unless you’re into discussing green flags and yellow flashy lights […]

So what can we learn from the Mugello tests?

May 8, 2012


From the winter testing, especially the tests in Barcelona, it was possible to pick out some reasonably decent trends on the relative performance of the cars. We could see that Sauber and Mercedes were reasonably strong, and that Ferrari were weak. We could pick out that Force India and Toro Rosso were not as good […]

A Different Look at some Historic F1 Data

April 4, 2012


This article is a bit of a departure for the intelligentF1 site. Up to this point, the data analysis has been all about the current F1 scene, being based on race-by-race laptime data, and the modelling of the relative pace of the cars. However, as I have been following the sport for the best part […]

India in Depth: Why was overtaking difficult in India?

November 8, 2011


The simple answer is that it wasn’t. Not really. Assessing how difficult overtaking is (or isn’t) is something that is of great interest in F1. We all like watching cars side-by-side through corner after corner battling away. We want overtaking to be difficult – all the best moves are the ones that just make it, […]

The car that stands out as different

October 6, 2011


The intelligentF1 model has been used to get detailed simulations of two races so far, and there is one car that does not fit the norm. And it isn’t the Red Bull. That Sauber-Ferrari is one curious vehicle. While we notice that the Ferrari is not fast on the harder compounds of tyres, the Sauber […]