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Australian Grand Prix – Charts

March 18, 2014


One of the comments asked for the traces on a race history chart. So here it is, straight from the McLaren pit wall… Lap 51 of the coverage. Maybe I’m doing something right after all… My charts are below. I’m not going to make much commentary on these charts – but you can always ask… […]

Brazil in Depth: How Button could have challenged Vettel

December 1, 2011


Even with his gearbox issue, Vettel was never really challenged for his second place in the Brazillian Grand Prix. And Jenson Button was the only person to do two stints on the harder tyre. At first glance, you might imagine the McLaren driver might have been better off doing a three stop race, with three […]

Brazillian Grand Prix: Story from the Data

November 29, 2011


Whilst not a thrilling race, the laptime data from the Brazillian Grand Prix tells a number of stories which are not immediately obvious, nor reported widely. The most interesting of these is that post-race analysis reveals that an unused strategy choice could have gained points for a number of the midfield runners. It just goes […]

India in Depth: Seeing the low degradation

November 6, 2011


In trying to get a better impression of the low degradation in the Indian Grand Prix, I have made myself a new toy using the fuel effect component of the intelligentF1 model – the fuel corrected race history chart. I have done these charts for India, where the degradation was low, and for Japan where […]

Korea Interactive Race History Chart

October 20, 2011


I have an interactive race history chart (currently in excel) but likely to move to a better format soon. I don’t want to make this available on the web as it has Macros and stuff in it. If you are interested in having a play with it, then fill in the form below and I […]

Korea in Depth: How Petrov and Rosberg saved Alonso’s race

October 18, 2011


The abiding memory of the Korean Grand Prix is of a McLaren and a Red Bull side-by-side for the best part of a whole lap. Second probably comes the assault of Renault on Mercedes to bring out the safety car. The strange thing about this second incident is that in the background we see a […]

Korean Grand Prix: Story From the Data

October 16, 2011


The Korean Grand Prix was a curious race from the point of view of the data. The pace of many drivers lacked consistency, especially in the first stint as the teams realised that the tyres were going to be fine after all and the track began to pick up grip. In fact, for intelligentF1 it […]

Japanese Grand Prix: First Impressions

October 9, 2011


First things first. If you didn’t enjoy the Japanese Grand Prix then you’re probably reading the wrong website. It was a really enjoyable race and was a result which depended on thinking how best to use the tyres as well as pure pace. Maybe a Button-Alonso-Vettel podium should not come as a surprise. There is […]

Singapore in Depth: Why Jenson had to respond to Webber’s final stop

October 4, 2011


When Mark Webber entered the pit lane on lap 48 of the Singapore Grand Prix, it was almost inevitable that Jenson Button would cover, and then Sebastian Vettel would cover him. But what would have happened if Jenson had stayed out? Would it have been an inspired risk, or a disasterous mistake? Modelling the race […]

Singapore in Depth: Schumacher Speed Revealed

October 4, 2011


The intelligentF1 underlying pace league table states that Michael Schumacher was 0.5s quicker than Nico Rosberg while he lasted in the Singapore Grand Prix. How do we know? Well, if we look at the Race History Chart for the two Mercedes cars, and add the intelligentF1 model simulation, we get something that looks like this: […]