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Japanese Grand Prix: Friday Practice

October 11, 2013


OK. This is a difficult one. You could think that Rosberg was a whole second faster than the Red Bulls on the medium tyres. Or indeed, you could think that he was over two seconds slower on the hard tyres. It’s easy to dismiss this as fuel loads, wave our hands in the air and […]

Korean Grand Prix: Race Notes

October 10, 2013


The trouble with races like the Korean Grand Prix, apart from the lack of entertainment at the time, is that there is no real motivation to analyse them. Maybe it wasn’t the most dull race for ages, but I have to admit to doing a fair amount of (real) work during it as there wasn’t […]

Korean Grand Prix: Friday Practice

October 4, 2013


Now this is an odd one.  I’m not sure anything has been straightforward in Korea. Two years ago all we heard about was that it was going to be a five stop race, and it turned out to be a two-stopper. The next year, all signs pointed to Ferrari dominance, and Vettel walked away with […]

Singapore Grand Prix: Race Notes

September 25, 2013


It wasn’t close, was it? In fact, it looked like it was even more dominant than Friday had suggested – indeed the general suggestion is that Vettel had between two and three seconds in hand. But things are rarely what they seem. Usually, to claim that a car is about a second and a half […]

Singapore Grand Prix: Friday Practice

September 20, 2013


Not hard to call this one. All the headlines have Red Bull as favourites with the best part of a second advantage. And apart from a few laps from Raikkonen, the race pace picture looks even more one-sided. Behind the Red Bulls, and it looks like only they can stop themselves finishing one-two, it looks […]

Italian Grand Prix – Race Notes

September 9, 2013


I quite enjoyed the Italian Grand Prix. Races where key players get out-of-position are often fun. Add in a really good midfield battle, even without the Lewis and Kimi double act, and the Alonso pass on Webber and there was a lot to like. It’s just a shame that the race winner was never really […]

Italian Grand Prix: Friday Practice

September 6, 2013


Now I’m hoping that Monza will see a return to business as usual for intelligentF1. Which means a race report as well as the Friday analysis. But first things first. A quick glance at the headline times suggests that this is a walkover for Red Bull, and analysis of Vettel’s second long run (on the […]

Belgian Grand Prix: Friday Practice

August 24, 2013


Due to the late arrival of this piece – as I write I’m hoping to have it out before qualifying – you could be forgiven for thinking that intelligentF1 was no more. But I am still here. Having returned from a great holiday, the summer break came at an ideal time as my family and […]

German Grand Prix: Race Notes

July 9, 2013


I enjoyed the German Grand Prix. There was a lot of racing going on and the identity of the winner was in doubt until about two to go. On the face of it, it looked like the Lotus was the car to have, Vettel did well against the odds, Webber was unlucky again, Ferrari and […]

German Grand Prix: Friday Practice

July 6, 2013


So it’s all change for the Nurburgring then. New tyres with kevlar belts and restrictions on their use are going to shake up the competitive order and split the season into two clear halves. The sensitivities of running tyres sensitive to temperature with different heat retention properties are going to move different cars in and […]