Singapore in Depth: Schumacher Speed Revealed

Posted on October 4, 2011


The intelligentF1 underlying pace league table states that Michael Schumacher was 0.5s quicker than Nico Rosberg while he lasted in the Singapore Grand Prix. How do we know? Well, if we look at the Race History Chart for the two Mercedes cars, and add the intelligentF1 model simulation, we get something that looks like this:

Rosberg’s trace has the crosses, and the simulations are the dashed lines. The fit for Rosberg’s data is good in all three stints up to the safety car, and the fit for Schumacher’s is good for stints two and three. So what happened at the start? Well, the gradient of the simulated line being steeper than the real data shows that Michael’s real pace was faster than he was able to go behind Nico in the first stint. When we check out the numbers, we find that the difference in underlying pace is a whole half second. So a continuation to the recent trend of strong races for Mercedes’ older German driver.